What does the future hold

The human race has been fighting for resources since the beginning. Initially, there were plenty of uninhabited places that the hunter gatherer and later the agricultural society could expand with an increase in population. In the recent times the population explosion has happened with no new space to occupy.

The human race has always been of ‘savages’ with the only change that today it is ‘intelligent savages’, savages nonetheless. When it comes to survival, the primitive mind will take over, and fights will happen. With dwindling resources and a highly dependent market, each small fluctuation is bound to create a strong wave somewhere.

Does this mean we are doomed?

Yes and no. The impact of the corona virus has shown a lot of loopholes into the system. Each country today is struggling to manage numbers. If we look back into the beginning of the 21st century, we started with a lot of promise of a grandeur lifestyle. Each country was in a race to consume more of the fixed resources available on this planet.

India had always been a country that believed in living with balance with nature. Today, we have also partaken in the race to deprive this planet of its resources at the earliest.

Only if we start measuring the growth in terms of basic needs met, in balance with nature, we will be able to create a long and sustainable system.

At the very base of our needs lie the ‘Physiological Needs’ or the ‘Biological Requirements’ of food, air, drink, shelter etc.

Each and every country should measure itself with the quality of the basic needs met. This will happen only through :-

a) Population Control — Each country realises the maximum number of people it can support independently, on the Biological Requirements.

b) Sustainability — The Biological Needs cannot be renewed at a fast pace. A loss of air quality or drinkable water may need centuries before it renews itself for use. Each society would need to work on creating a sustaining system so that their children can enjoy earth.

c) Education — The definition of education is not getting degrees. It should mean the depth of understanding of the eco system and nature. Today, the understanding of how we are harming our nature is known to a very small subset of people.

d) Interstellar — We start planning to leave earth for a remote home now. Continuing the same pace, we will run out of fuel long before we know. It will be a sudden stop and not a gradual break as most of us are used to thinking.

This is the only planet that we know can sustain human life as of today. It is our responsibility to ensure it continues to remains so.

I am passionate about designing and developing complex systems that impact people’s life. A avid reader and a believer of multi-disciplinary teaching.