The perfect medicine

3 min readAug 27, 2023


Let’s start with a scenario far into the future. You are in a hospital bed, in a room. You see no one around. Wearing a white gown, with a tube going in your vein, you wonder where everyone is at. A TV is playing on the wall. Not interested in the latest news, you scan the room and as your eyes move to the door, you spot a doctor. You call for him. The doctor enters the room, and starts talking to you.

The doctor mentions that you went unconscious at the street. Someone, dropped you at the hospital. Via various tests, the doctors have figured out that your body is deteriorating at a faster pace than normal. You will continue to live, but with tubes, medicines and multiple visits to the hospital. The life as you knew is now over, and the only way forward is via paying the bills, through the earnings you worked so hard for, to buy time that is now running faster than ever from your grasp.

Now that I have your attention, and with the prayer that such scenario never plays out, what if I mentioned that there exists a medicine which if you start taking today, such a scenario becomes very unlikely.

What if the medicine also did the following apart from the above?

  • Make you happy and provide calmness.
  • Make you energetic, so that you could work with rigour
  • Improve you patience and persistence
  • Improve immunity
  • And many more

Such a medicine does exist, and is the perfect medicine. It is known as “exercise”.

Today, the world has more food than ever. We come from a line of ancestors who worked for their carbohydrates, hunted for their protein and extracted fats from the seeds. All of which was done using human muscle power, and very recently was it aided with animals.

Aided by our lack of enthusiasm to spend energy, and pushed by the consumerism to consume concentrated packs of energy, we are getting unhealthy.

All of us know that exercise is good for us, and yet we stay away from it. You can continue to stay away from it, but do remember, when you do wake up in the hospital, be ready to take complete and absolute responsibility of it. Do not try and distribute the blame. You and you only would be responsible for it.

For people, who mention lack of time, be ready to take out time to visit the hospitals. The time you save today, will be paid in full, and with compound interest. Check the compounding to figure out how exponential the cost becomes, the more you delay.

Want to start?

Pick out 3–4 days in a week when you would spend the time on your favourite game or workout. The first few weeks, go and have fun. Do not push yourself, do not go extreme. Your focus is to enjoy, this is the time when you are building a habit. A habit can be formed if you enjoy it.

Take a resolve in the night before sleeping if the next day is your workout day. Make appropriate arrangements of clothes, food, place etc. This will get your mind into the zone ready to fire the next day.

Find people in vicinity who are regulars, talk to them. Be motivated and be fit.

Side note — Try a day waking up before sunrise, and walking in nature with the beautiful sun rising.

Use the perfect medicine. Start today.

In case you are suffering from illness, or fall into the obese category, or in general feel the need, please do consult your physician before starting. This is needed as the body might have become accustomed to stillness and would have deteriorated, and would need guidance to get back on track.




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