Running and The Body

Books in Short — 1

This series is a way to summarise my learnings from various books. These would be short articles meant for easy and quick reading and learning.

There are a lot of myths around running, it being a high impact sport, not meant for everyone etc. We as homo sapiens have been running since the beginning of the species. Your body is adapted for running. Let no one tell you otherwise.

Always run at-least 20 minutes, the endorphin release which improves mood, sleep quality etc. starts to happen around that mark. Have the belief that you can do it and you will see it happen.

In Born for Run, the author describes how people not touched by civilisation run freely, run longer and are healthier. The day you start your journey, is when you start seeing improvements. You too belong to the same species and your body still remembers how to run. Its a learned disability which can easily be unlearned.

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