Cricket and Leadership

3 min readMar 9, 2021


A while back I had a chance to attend a webinar with Ravi Shastri. A lot of the discussion was how to build teams and how to build yourself, that perform.

The below are few ideas from the session (my interpretation). Thank you Ravi Shastri for being an amazing player, coach and an inspiration.

You say I when team fails, and say we when team succeeds.

If we want to ensure a lasting success, as leaders we should be the first one to accept failure and the last one to celebrate victory.

Defeat is a mentality.

You may loose a game, but you loose when you have accepted defeat.In our lives, we have lost only after we accept a defeat. If we look it as a valuable lesson for the next fight, we will become victorious. You need to build mental toughness.

There are no shortcuts

People who have succeeded in making impact have on it for decades. They have put in effort day in day out. Having strong work ethics is the single most attribute that you would want to have.

Self belief or backing your self

When you are in the game, you cannot let scepticism in. You need to have faith in yourself that you will be able to do it. You cannot question your ability. Everyday is a new day, start with a positive note and know that today is going to be your day.

Learning happens when you are in the middle

Learning does not happen on the sideline. No matter how much net practise you have, it does not prepare you for the match. You need to go out of your comfort zone. You learn only by doing.

Not scared of failure

Everyone fails in their life, more then once. You need to accept failure and learn from it. You cannot be afraid of failure, you cannot be afraid of going in the middle. You need to learn to accept failure and then pick yourself up and fight.

Changing the technique when there is a need

You cannot win all matches with the same technique. You need to have continuous learning, and also the presence of mind to make changes when in the middle.

Keep things simple

Do not complicate the execution. Be clear in execution. Keeping it simple does not mean choosing the easier path, it choosing the right path.

Appreciate the opponent

Realise when your opponent has played better than you. Also understand that one instance does not define you. Learn from the opponent.

Use technology

Use technology in a decisive manner to your advantage.

Be fearless and passionate

Develop a habit to be tested and always strive to rise to the challenge.

Be selfish

Have the drive to compete and to be the best in the world. Be driven, and be ready for the sacrifices it will need. Be cool headed and determined to achieve the goal you want.




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