Belief and you

2 min readSep 4, 2021

Books in Short — 2

Lets say you were granted a boon today, whatever you truly believe will come to fruition. What would you start believing in?

Write from science to psychology to philosophy, every domain shares the idea that our beliefs are powerful. Whenever a person wants to transform or aim higher, belief that he/she is capable to do it is the first step.

Henry Ford had said — Whether you can or cannot either ways you are right. It is a true statement and we look into few reasons why.

a) When you have the conviction, your unconscious mind starts to look out for areas and opportunities that take you closer to your aim. We get thousands of data points through our sense, our unconscious brain primarily handles all these inputs. Enabling it for our aim starts with the belief.

b) When you have the conviction, inspite of failures you continue to march on. This also means the belief needs to be deep and not superficial. It will be tested and in presence of absorbed belief it will fail.

c) Philosophically — we are all created out of energies. Your energies align towards your belief and align the outer world towards making it happen.

d) You attract like minded people enabling you to succeed in your journey.

e) There are thousands of examples, people who believed they could run when doctors had given up, and ended running marathons. People going on to make large companies when every one else had given up on them. You can see many of them around you.

Take a flash card write what you want to achieve, every morning read and absorb it for few minutes. Visualise it happening, and then go out and make it true.

Knowing that whatever you will belief will happen (positive or negative), make a positive transformation choice today. Believe in yourself and your capabilities and you will see it happen.

Sources — The biology of belief, Maximum Achievement, Endure, Karma




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