Books in Short — 3

It is a common saying in India, “How quickly the time has passed”. Lets analyse how we process time.

When you are living in the moment, it may seem easy or seem painful. It depends upon your orientation. If you are living painfully, the current…

Books in Short — 2

Lets say you were granted a boon today, whatever you truly believe will come to fruition. What would you start believing in?

Write from science to psychology to philosophy, every domain shares the idea that our beliefs are powerful. …

Books in Short — 1

This series is a way to summarise my learnings from various books. These would be short articles meant for easy and quick reading and learning.

There are a lot of myths around running, it being a high impact sport, not meant for everyone etc. We…

A lot of hypothesis is going around on the future of remote work .

Prior to the pandemic and lockdowns, remote work was considered a taboo in many circles. It was a generally accepted idea that the day of work from home would have reduced productivity, and not a lot…

Müller-Lyer illusion

Look at the above image. Which line is longer?

Müller-Lyer Illusion

Most of the people would see the first one as the longer one This is the famous Müller-Lyer illusion. Here, both the lines are of equal length. You can use a ruler to check. …


I am passionate about designing and developing complex systems that impact people’s life. A avid reader and a believer of multi-disciplinary teaching.

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